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The Waiting Game

I don’t do much blogging. And I’m not good at it. My thoughts seem to hover around large plot twists and diving deep into character backgrounds. The day-to-day brilliance one receives from other authors, more and less successful than I, never ceases to amaze me. They offer tips and wisdom and selfless anecdotes that inspire others. So not me. I envy them.

But here I am, attempting to dazzle folks with the sheer fact I’ve posted anything at all. Ah, well. Maybe I’ll get the hang of it eventually. Or I’ll use it as some sort of diary. Just what I need, right?

So…on to business. What’s up with the series?

I’m relaunching books 1 and 2 for several reasons – all necessary. With that comes updated covers, the finished website, new back-of-the-book blurbs, etc. At this point, I am NOT marketing anything for sale. I’ve severed the contract for Ties and will follow suit with Embers once the Ties relaunch happens. I’ll make a post when the right versions are available.

As of this post, book 1, The Ties That Bind, is ready to go live. I’m just waiting on an updated license for use of the “American Pie” lyrics. That can take time. I started the process May 10th. It’s a waiting game. So far, none of the other books in the series need such licenses, so the delay is unique to Ties.

Book 2, Embers From Ash and Ruin, is with my editor. We’re hovering around the halfway mark. Book 3, When First We Practice to Deceive, is only half finished. This is a source of stress for me, as I can’t wait to get into the deeper research for book 4. It will be a wild ride into the past.

There is so much more to come as things progress. I’ll do my best to do an occasional blog post but, as you can see, I’ll somewhat lost for topics. (And let’s be honest, I don’t have much of a following at this point!) That’s all for now.


And P.S. – I have no idea why the photo for this blog post is so big. If I can get the hang of all this stuff, I’ll resize so it’s not so overwhelming. Sheesh!


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