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No Rest for the Weary

Ever since I returned from a research trip to Los Angeles last week, I’ve been exhausted. Seriously – I feel like I can’t catch up. I’ve never been a “nap” type person because of my insomnia but, for the last few days, all I’ve wanted to do between 1 and 4pm is sleep! There is much going on at this point, which I touched on in my last post. No place on the agenda for extra shut-eye.

In addition to the various stages of completion for the first three books, the website remains incomplete. My designer, Scott, has done a fantastic job (working for/with me is no picnic), but there are still a couple pages I want to add. They’re on me to finish, and I’m behind. Good news is, I finished the changes to the existing copy today and actually loaded them myself! I’d love to take a bunch of credit for my super awesome web design abilities, but that would be a lie. Scott taught me where to copy and paste, then update. Still, it’s done!

My feelings of disorganization are probably due to the different types of activities I’m up against with the books. I need to get focused and stop getting pulled away to do a little on the marketing, a little on the edits, and well, nothing on the writing. As I continue to wait for Hal Leonard to contact me on the rights to “American Pie,” I should probably stop wasting any meaningful time on marketing. There’s no product to buy at this point, other than old copies of previous/outdated versions. Before I sat down to write this entry, I actually saw there is a copy of the First Edition for sale on Ebay…from Australia! (Huh??)

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll try to put the ol’ blinders on and focus on the edits. My editor is waiting on me at this point, which is frustrating – probably for both of us. Good thing she’s a patient woman. I really have a great team.

Okay, that’s all for now. Don’t know when I’ll be able to post additional updates, but I’ll try to form some sort of habit.

Take care everyone! And oh – the YouTube on the top left bar above (where the social media buttons are) is broken. I’ll let Scott know about it soon. I tried to fix it but, well, we’ve gone over my lack of web design skills already. Sorry about that!

Have a great day!


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