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Exposed. That’s us.

Writers live in solitude. At least I know I do. Sure, we have families, friends, pets, errands, vacations, grocery store trips, doctors…the whole nine. But really? We spend most our time in our heads. It’s a vast and often lonely place – even at its best. Still, it’s all we want to do. For the most part, we’d all say it’s worth it.

So when we put our work out there for the “real world” to see, we feel naked. Our “high definition” selves are shoved in front of a giant spotlight for the world to scrutinize. Scars. Blemishes. A few extra pounds. Cellulite (uh!). No wonder so many of us become recluses, addicts, “weirdos,” or mental cases. Don’t think so? Ask us. And we’ve been called worse.

There’s an upside, though: our readers.

Whether we meet them in person or not, we have a unique connection to those who read and appreciate our writing.  It thrills us when someone tells us how much they enjoyed a particular story, scene, or character. Sometimes, readers understand our message in ways we never considered. It’s an amazing feeling. A reader who “gets” our work – warts and all – often “gets” us. Even when our spouses, children, best friends, and therapists don’t. When clothed in acceptance, the exposure doesn’t seem so bad.

There’s a downside, though: lack of feedback.

Yeah, I know, it’s completely backwards to give the good and then the bad. Better to reverse it. But hear me out.

If you’re a reader who never gives feedback, reviews, or recommends the books you love to others, you’re leaving good authors exposed. Exposed to Internet trolls, negative placement on various lists, decreased sales stats, the lack of consideration by elite publishers or possible film interest, or even just nitpicky fellow writers who suffer from a terminal case of jealousy. The forecast is dismal for a good writer with a lack of reviews.

It’s cold out there, folks. We supply good and steady material for you to cuddle up with at night. It’d be great if you shared the warmth. If you’ve read a good book lately, won’t you take the time to let other people know it?


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