02 Embers CoverEmbers From Ash and Ruin ~ is the second installment in the series – and nothing is the same.  Those who remain are forever changed by choices, missed opportunities, and the tragic deaths that have turned their lives upside down.  Brother against brother, father against son.  As the Grants struggle to push past the grief and confusion of the last two years, Jameson Lockhardt continues to shroud the truth behind an intricate web of deceit, destruction, and murder.

Demons live in the world of popular music. These evil creatures of deceit and greed hunger for power and control. And this voracious lust for dominance is not wielded by the executives alone. The music makers themselves consume equally the life-force of fans and all they touch. We are all driven by our needs and passions, and likewise constrained by our fears. The fear of exposure the exposure of our darkest secrets. It is said that the measure of a person is their ability to recognize and control the vectors of life and to control his or her own fate. These carrots and sticks of our psyches are what separate us from these demons. Life specializes in irony and the unexpected. Everything comes at a price. Regret is the anguish that lingers deep inside our souls. Seldom do the powerful and renowned dwell within the abyss of these sorrows. This fact is an empirical truth of humanity; regret is the unintentional reality. This is the world in which Chris Grant finds himself. Two years later, two years older two years too late.